Malisha Fatima

We have recently appointed a new practice manager to help support our new expanded team .
Our manager has brought with her a great depth of  experience and energy from the north of England.
She also brings an amazing sense of humour and has many wonderful new projects she wants to develop in our surgery.
These include:
In house CBT
GP dermatologist
GP sports medicine
Wellness included access to social prescriber and women’s services.
Our Practice Manager has a combination of both clinical and management skills and her role is to support the manager improve targets for smears and access to immunizations and chronic disease management ( Asthma/ diabetes/ hrt / health checks)

Luiza Losif

Kirstie Mensah

Dooveren Shankura

Maria Haire

Norbert Titusz Toth

Cerine Bettache


Caoimhe Stjohn


Anmol Patel

If you have a problem or question about your prescription we now have employed an in house pharmacist to help you deal with this.
They can also help with many other areas of your clinical care.  Do look further at our website updates to see if they would be more appropriate than needing to book appointment with one of of gps

Physician Associate

Florian Michael

We have now included this new clinician to enhance our primary  care team.
They are not gps but have may skill to deal with some of the minor illnesses such as
Chest infection
Sinus infection
Ear infection
Blood tests results
And much more
Please take the time to review their skills and types of appointments they can offer on our new website.